COC students learn job interview strategies

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Interviewing for a job can be a stressful experience. It can be even more stressful if you’re not prepared how to answer common questions during an interview. Giving a “wrong” answer could keep you from landing that job, despite your stellar resume.

College of the Canyons students had chance to learn how to avoid those mistakes when COC Career Services & Job Placement held a “How to Interview” workshop so they can have a leg up on a job interview.

“It is primarily all the pre-work that goes into preparing and researching for that interview. It touches on the questions and follow up but is more of a process workshop,” Anthony Michaelides, director of career services, said.

Alexis Volpe, a COC student, was a stay at home mom for three years before she decided to pull her resume from under the baby crib. She learned how to organize her thoughts when preparing for a job interview.

Job seekers wonder what approach will help them present themselves in the best light.

“An interview is not something that you just say here goes nothing,” Michaelides said. “I’ll see what happens or I hope that I get this job. It should be something that you prepare for.”

Many job seekers make individual mistakes when interviewing with prospective employers; how to prepare for the interview helps to solve those individual problems.

If you are not able to attend a how to prepare for the interview workshop at COC career services, make sure you prepare yourself for a job interview.

“It  is extremely important that at the end of the interview to be sure you ask questions,” Michaelides said. “I would suggest three to four questions is a good number to show interest. One shows you memorized. Two shows you memorized two, but three starts to build interest in the job.”

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