City launches program to combat drug use

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Santa Clarita has had several hundred drug related overdoses and many have been fatal. To minimize this, Drug Free Youth in Town was launched in all junior high and high schools in the Santa Clarita Valley.

“We give them the right tools so they can handle the consequences,” Jordi Ubaldo, program specialist for high schools in Santa Clarita said. “We want them to be able to handle themselves when they are in a situation on how to make the right choice.”

Santa Clarita Activities Center was the hosting ground for this peer-based program designed to keep the youth in Santa Clarita area drug free.

Santa Clarita is the first city in California to launch DFYIT, a club that is loved by high school students.

Dalia Moreno, a senior at Golden Valley High, saw the summit as positive.

“I’m part of this club so I can influence others not to do drugs,” Moreno said.

Moreno joined the club to influence others, but Maria Hidalgo did it for teamwork.

Hidalgo, a senior at Golden Valley High, saw it as a team building exercise.

“We got to work together as one,” Moreno said. “I enjoyed that.”

The goal of the event is for each high school and junior high advisor to meet with respective students then implement the goals discussed during the summit.

“A lot of popular kids, the jocks, the athlets are all here to show that you don’t need to do drugs,” Ubaldo said. “This allows students to see all types of students be drug free.”

The day was filled with excitement, lunch and games. Teens and younger students were able to make new friends as they pledged to be drug free.

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