‘Box city’ raises awareness to homelessness in Santa Clarita

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Members of the community came together on Sept. 29 to raise awareness for homeless people in the Santa Clarita Valley through Box City. Guests were expected to bring their own box house to sleep in and whatever was needed for a night in the park.

Participants raised approximately $39,000 for the homeless in Santa Clarita. All of the money will go directly back to the Family Promise Organization of Santa Clarita.

Each participant pledges $100 in order to participate in the event and money is raised through online donations and participants organizing fundraising events such as car washes and bake sales.

There were roughly 400 attendees, most of them children.

“I think that’s the beauty of box city, not only is it a really important fundraiser for Family Promise, but we also have the opportunity to educate our children and explain to them what poverty means and what being homeless means,” said Nancy…. Board of directors( looking up)

The nights events included live music and prizes for the most creative boxes and an Honorary Mayor Award for the person who raised the most money.

The event was hosted by Family Promise, a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 that helps low income families find their way back to being self sufficient.

“Our mission is to get children and their families to achieve self independence,” said Larry Comp a cofounder of the Santa Clarita branch of Family Promise.

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