Art Gallery featuring COC student work opens at City Hall

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An art exhibition featuring COC student’s art work from the Graphic and Multimedia Design Program began at Santa Clarita City Hall.

After being amazed at the vast amount of talent, Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook came up with the idea to post student art work at City Hall.

“We set up a meeting with the City Manager Ken Pulskamp and Mark Daybell, Kevin Jenkins and I went over and showed him all the poster on an iPad,” Van Hook said.

“They got very excited and said ‘My gosh this is professionally done.’ This really captures the essence, the spirit and the tone that we are trying to set for Santa Clarita.'”

“It is wonderful for the students. Not only are they extremely talented but there are hundreds of people every week that walk through those halls at City Hall.”

Students, of the Graphic Design and Multimedia course, were asked to create travel posters of events and buildings that define the Santa Clarita valley.

Professors’ Kevin Jenkins and Mark Daybell are the instructors of the 2D computer illustration course.

“The idea was to have students look at pictures of vintage travel posters and also have them explore sights and activities and interests that are specific to Santa Clarita,”¬†Jenkins said.

Jenkins got the idea after seeing an orange hue Valencia, Spain travel poster. The Spanish travel reminded him of Santa Clarita.

Daybell said, “The travel posters are an excellent example of both Kevin’s approach and teaching skills. It is also a great example of our program [MEA program] at large and I think we [MEA program] emphasize both individual voice.”

In total 24 students participated in the art exhibition and the participants ranged from advanced to beginning students.

Student artist Jennifer Lee said, “One thing I chose was jazz music because [Santa Clarita] have a lot of outdoor performances during the Summer.

“I did another golf one because we have a lot of golf courses in Santa Clarita. I just wanted to focus on those two.”

COC has begun to discuss a possibility to create a program were students sell their art work to raise money for the school and earn credit at the same time.

The final day of the art exhibition is Nov. 16.

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