Apple announces the iPad mini

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On October 23, Apple revealed their first generation of iPad minis.

Photo via AppleInsider

The new device features a smaller 7.9-inch display with a 7.2 mm thickness body. At 7.2 mm thin, the iPad mini is as “thin as a pencil,” said Schiller. It weighs in at just a mere 0.68 lbs.

Compared to its bigger brother, the iPad, the iPad mini does not feature a retina display but rather a display size identical to the first and second generation of iPads at 1024×768. It is worth noting that although the pixel count is the same as the larger original iPad, the mini packs in the same amount of pixels into a smaller 7.9 inch area meaning a higher pixel density.

Pricing on the iPad mini starts at $329 for the Wi-Fi only model at 16BG and $459 for the 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model. The pricing for the mini is unexpectedly high compared to its competition, the Kindle Fire HD starting at $199 and the Nexus 7 16BG model at $249.99.

For those prospective small form tablet buyers, the price of the iPad mini will seem steep although it is worth considering it due to the vast amounts of apps available to the device, unlike the competition.

In the end, I see this iPad mini struggling to keep its ground in the small form factor tablet market due to its high entry price.

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