Armed robbers take Canyon Country bank, lead police on pursuit

by David Perez, Staff Writer 614 views0

UPDATE: Three of the four suspects alleged to have robbed the bank are now in custody, the fourth suspect remains at large after being dropped off near Interstate 210 in Sylmar earlier during the pursuit. Police investigators are still at the scene of the crime.

Canyon Country, Calif. — 10:08am An armed bank robbery at the Bank of America on Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country led to a police pursuit this morning when the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spotted the black Volvo used in the robbery entering State Route 14. The suspects were later caught near Downtown Los Angeles.

The police pursuit spanned several Southern California freeways. At one point, live news footage showed the suspects tossing large sums of cash out the back window.

Once the SUV came to a stop, local law enforcement subdued the suspects who were considered armed and dangerous.

Police also had to clear onlookers from the area following the arrest as a large number of people gathered around the crime scene.

Wednesday’s incident was the third police pursuit this week and the second in two days.

Yesterday’s pursuit ended in a felony stop in Los Angeles where the driver was subdued when he reached for a weapon.

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