Registration policies to change at College of the Canyons

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College of the Canyons and other California community colleges are changing their registration polices which might affect future students’ ability to get classes they need.

Once the new system is in effect, students participating in student government or athletics will no longer be eligible for priority registration, however veterans, foster children and disabled students will continue to receive priority registration. In addition, students with over 100 units will lose priority over first-time freshmen who have completed the orientation process and those who have two semesters of solid academic progress.

The legislation was approved Monday by the California Community College Board of Governors as a unanimous vote and will take effect starting in fall 2014.

To some students like Daniel Ellis, this new system brings a sigh of relief.

“I thought at first it’s kind of unfair that they(athletes and ASG students) just get to jump ahead when everyone else has equally high goals” said Ellis, “at the same time I can see how sometimes it would be difficult for them so I feel like it’s a fair trade-off to have everyone at the same level because everybody works just as hard to achieve those goals.”

The new registration procedure would also stop students from signing up for an athletic class then dropping it after they have received their priority registration, an issue the school has experienced in the past said school officials.

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