Pint sized heroes

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UPDATE: 191 Pints of blood were collected at Northlake Hills Elementary last Tuesday beating the national record, their own record of 178pints in a 12hr period, from last year!

They celebrated with a
 Popsicle party today Fri. 28th. “We wanted to take advantage of the warm weather while it was still here” said Principle Brauneisen, he will also give the students a free extra recess (longer recess) after their fall break and also added “we got slammed at the end of of the day, wait times were not too long, not longer than an hour, but The Red Cross got the job done knowing that it would get busy at the end of the day”

Last year Northlake Hills Elementary in Castaic, shattered the American Red Cross national record for blood donation with 178 pints in one day. This year they are at it again in an attempt to beat their own record.

Each year schools from around the United States participate in an American Red Cross program called Pint-sized Heroes from the American Red Cross.  This program is a community service project that introduces children to the importance of donating blood. “In an Elementary School level where the children are unable to give blood because they are not old enough, we are teaching empathy for others, teaching the kids that it is ok to help out people that you do not know… (because) a pint of blood can save 3 lives” said Bob Brauneisen Principle of Northlake Hills Elementary. He also added “It’s free and easy and you get juice and cookies when you are done.”

The Pint Sized Heroes program encourages students to volunteer at the blood drive and invite parents, guardians and other adults to give blood on their behalf, while young students are engaged in the whole process.

“There is always a constant need for blood in the US and around the world.” said June Green, Red Cross Volunteer. “We always try and make sure that after they make their donation they take a seat and have refreshments before leaving the building.”

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