Opinion: Someone get the real referees back!

by Michael Eiden 7,536 views0

The final play of last night’s Monday Night Football game in Seattle was all it took for the world to go in uproar over the replacement referees officiating.

While Seattle Seahawks fans rejoiced, the entire rest of the league, and its fans, sat in shock and anger as they viewed the most controversial touchdown ever seen. The Seattle Seahawks had defeated the Green Bay Packers 14-12, in what will go down as the most controversial touchdown ruling of all time.

With only 8 seconds remaining on the clock in the 4th quarter and the Packers up by five points, the Seahawks scored on a fraudulent “Hail Mary” touchdown heave by Seahawks Quarterback, Russell Wilson, to Wide Receiver Golden Tate. Call it a debacle, miracle, or whatever else you want to name it, everyone AND their mothers, brothers, and second cousins knew that the Packers were robbed of a victory.

Packers defensive back, M.D. Jennings, had a clear and cut throat interception. Jennings had two hands grasped firmly around the Roger Goodell tagged football as he was coming down to the  ground with what appeared to be a game-winning interception by the 2nd year safety. As they hit the artificial turf, Jennings had clear possession of the football, as Tate only had one hand in the locked vice grip of the Packer defensive back.

The officials looked to each other to figure out what to call this shocking play as one official signaled a touchback for Packers, but the other signaled touchdown. Now, keep in mind the ball was clearly in the hands of Jennings with Tate having no part of the football in his grasp. After the call was made, the head official and his crew did not meet to discuss what the other zebras had seen.

As part of a new rule in the National Football League, every scoring play is automatically reviewed. After review of the play, the call on the field stood, and the Seahawks were pronounced the winner of the game.

The entire world, and specifically the social media world, could not believe what they had just witnessed. Athletes across all platforms of sports and their fans, were taking to Twitter to voice their opinion or a fact as I think we would all agree on (sorry Seahawk fans or Packer-haters).

With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell trying to restore integrity to the game of football, he might have glanced over the importance of having the original referees to enforce his lawful ways. NFL players are shouting in grief and despair as they are clamoring for the original referees to come back.

Who would have known that these referees we generally hate, would eventually turn into a lost love like the ex boyfriends or girlfriends who are begging for their loved ones to come back.

I think we can all finally agree that we need peace restored to our league and bring back our referees. We CANNOT have these Division 3 college football referees altering the way the game is called and played. There is no place in the sport of football for this lack of officiating. (Not to mention it dampens the image of Division 3 football.)

As bad as last evenings game was, it sent a much needed message to the league offices. Unfortunately, the guinea pigs had to be the Green Bay Packers.

Get this deal done, and done quickly Goodell. ALL eyes are now on you.

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