NFL Commissioner’s phone number leaked after Monday night game

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Roger Goodell might have to deal with more than just bad calls by the referees.

The current commissioner of the National Football League is now in every football fan’s phone contacts after the Monday night game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, which was decided by a controversial call made by replacement referees filling in for the seasoned officials on strike.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s office number has been busier than ever after its leak to the internet after Monday night’s game.

The number to his office phone number was tweeted and shared by millions of members of the social media, including Wisconsin state senator Jon Erpenbach and Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. The sudden burst of users sharing the number and their frustration has made Goodell one of the top trends on Twitter.

The ruling on the field was that Seattle quarterback Russel Wilson had thrown a game-winning hail mary throw to receiver Golden Tate. However, replays and reviews of the play show that not only did Tate push off of a Green Bay defender and not got penalized for it, but also that a separate Green Bay player had intercepted the ball and had possession of it when the two fell. After minutes of review, the referees still ruled it as a touchdown and a victory for Seattle.

Erpenbach also tweeted, “If (Monday night’s) game doesn’t make the NFL settle with the real refs this season will be a joke.”

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