CCC hosts Resume Rally

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For the fifth year in a row, COC had its annual resume rally Thursday at the COC Canyon Country campus.

It began in 2008, and it’s held twice a year on both the Canyon Country and Valencia campus.

Anthony Michaelides, director of career services at COC, was excited about the turnout at the Valencia campus, but a little disappointed that just early in the afternoon, only six students showed up for the event on the Canyon Country campus.

But later in the event, Michaelides was pleased when more people arrived.

The resume rally is open to students, faculty and community members, and volunteers sat down with participants to assist them with their resume.

If participants did not have a resume then volunteers assisted with creating one.

Jessica Flores, a first year student at COC saw the rally as a career move.

“I’m trying to create a professional resume to get myself a career as a registered nurse,” said Flores.

Like Flores, Denise Harris, a COC student who has not had a resume in 25 years, saw the rally as a lifesaver. A volunteer helped Harris build her written portfolio from scratch.

“I don’t know what I would do without the help here,” Harris said. “This is so needed.”

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