Apple criticized over new Maps app

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With the release of iOS 6 to the public nearly a week ago, Apple has replaced the old Maps app which was powered by Google Maps with its own in-house mapping technologies.

Many changes came with iOS 6 but one of the most noticed changes in iOS 6 is the Maps app, an app that almost everyone uses at least once a week.

At first, the new Maps was promising with its new Flyover features, turn by turn navigation and much faster load times but with a closer look at the new app, the lack of detail is disappointing. Below is an image of College of the Canyons in the current version of Maps.

Below is the previous version of Maps bundled with iOS 5 and earlier, featuring a much more detailed look.

With the backlash of users, Apple has begun actively recruiting former Google Maps engineers to help with the ongoing effort to correct errors and map the entire world for its own in-house mapping services.

On the other side of the globe, in China, Apple has done the complete opposite. With the introduction of the new maps brings Chinese users much more detailed maps with accurate transit information.

This is caused by censorship laws in China which banned Google and other mapping companies not on an approved list form mapping within China.


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  1. I disagree with everyone and am super happy with the new maps. The Google maps always sent me to the wrong address and offered no turn by turn directions.

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