Angels, Dodgers look to make playoff push

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Dodgers RF Andre Ethier avoiding a tag

With only 19 games left in the Major League Baseball season, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are running out of time to make a playoff push.

In the National League West, the Dodgers, sitting in second-place, are trailing the first place and their division rival, the San Francisco Giants, by seven games.

The Dodgers do have two upsides.

They are down only one game to the St. Louis Cardinals to claim the second-place wild card spot.

This will be the first time that MLB uses two wild-card teams from each division, which will eventually play in a one-game playoff to take on the number one team in that division.

The other upside? The Dodgers close out their season with a three-game series against the Giants at home.

The Angels also have some different scenarios to make a run.

Despite being the third place team in the American League West, they only trail the first-place Texas Rangers by seven and a half games.

It gets a lot more interesting; the AL Wild Card is up for grabs.

The Angels sit in fifth-place in the wild card, and are only trailing by two and a half games.

The wild card is lead by the surprising Oakland Athletics, who are also ahead of the Angels in their division.

The Angels also have a three-game series with the Rangers to close the gap.

Second through fourth place in the wild card consists of the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees, and the Tampa Bay Rays, which are all in the AL East division.

The Dodgers and Angels both finish of the season with ten games at home and nine on the road.

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