An alternative route to achieving AA requirements for math

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Since the 2012 spring semester, College of the Canyons has offered an innovative mathematics course for students who plan on taking transfer-level statistics.

Introducing Math 075, a five unit course for intermediate algebra for statistics is designed as a better and faster prerequisite for Math 140 instead of following the old traditional courses of Math 060 and 070 in order to meet prerequisite requirements.

Math Professor Claudia Reyes is teaching math 075 for the first time this fall semester.  “It’s really beneficial for students who are planning to take math 140,” said Reyes.

“Students are doing much better in Math 140 by taking Math 075.”

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Since the course is fairly new, the math faculty at COC have been working together to find ways to teach the material by setting up meetings and a weekly support system.  As a beginner Reyes hasn’t had much difficulty adjusting to the new course.

“It’s been a smooth transition,” said Reyes. “It’s because of the support system from the math faculty.”

Math 075 meets the mathematics competency requirement for the AA/AS degree and only requires completion of math 058 and 059 or having placed into math 060 to register.

Unfortunately this new class is not for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, nursing or business majors meaning students must complete the sequence of Math 060, 070, 083, 102, 104, and 211.

Students who aren’t majoring in any of the six majors above ideally are better off taking Math 075 to meet mathematics competency requirement of the AA/AS degree a lot faster and plus a free online textbook is provided for the class.

Oscar Rogel, Staff Writer

Born and raised in city of Santa Clarita, Oscar Rogel is a full time student at College Of The Canyons, and has a full time job. Oscar is on his way to being the first in his family to earn his AA degree. He is currently enrolled in the MEA 225 class to continue to improve his skills in all areas to one day work for a Television News or Radio Station. Oscar has some nice experience when it comes to being in front of crowd or being asked to get a job done. From 2004 to 2010 Oscar served in United States Marines Corps where he was a Motarman for his Marine reserve unit and in 2009 deployed overseas to Iraq. In between that time frame Oscar also continued to take classes at C.O.C. and discovering a passion for music learning how to play guitar and bass and being part of a few bands along the way playing a couple of live shows. He has had experience with doing some work with SCVTV and interning at KHTS radio. In the end Oscar Rogel brings discipline, patience, a hard work ethic, and a eagerness to learn more to improve his skills.

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