Friday Night Film Festival showcases indie films to new audiences

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The Friday Night Film Festival began showing three films including student film “Breakfast with Curtis.”

Other films shown during the festival were, “Mr. Nobody” and “Farewell.”

Film teacher Gary Peterson said, “These [films shown at the festival] are primarily art house films or independent films. They’re films that show in Los Angeles, in Pasadena and parts of the San Fernando Valley.

“We really don’t have an art house or independent theater up in the SCV so, they really don’t have a house to show up here. But what we’re trying to do is bring them here to the campus, to incorporate an educational discussion.”

The motto of the Friday Night Film Festival is “its never shown in the SCV.”

“Breakfast with Curtis” is a student film directed by Laura Colella, and uses a cast of people in her neighborhood.

Art Director, Larry Hurst said, ”It’s [Breakfast with Curtis] a quirky film kind of eclectic film. Its been shown in a lot of outside film maker festivals.

“It’s gotten a lot of attention.”

Colella’s film was part of the Big, Big Backyard exhibit of the Art Gallery.

Films being shown on Friday first began under Pierre Etienne, during the International Film Festival. Soon after Peterson continued the tradition.

Next installment of the Friday Night Film Festival will be on Sept. 28.

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