Go fish? It’s closer than you think

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With summer fast approaching Santa Clarita’s nearby Castaic Lake is the perfect place to enjoy a vacation.

Fishing is one of many activities offered at Castaic Lake.

At 11,200 total acres Castaic Lake is the largest state water park reservoir in the Southern California.

First time and inexperienced fishermen can head on over to the local bait shop at Castaic Landing for fishing necessities and expert fishing advice.

“We can show you exactly what to use to catch whatever species you are going after, Largemouth [Bass], Stripers, Catfish. It changes on a day-to-day basis.” said John, the manager of Castaic Landing.

Boat rentals for Castaic Landing range from $75 dollars on weekdays to $100 on weekends.

The lake is home to some of the major National and World fishing records.

“Castaic was known in the nineties for having the largest Largemouth [Bass]. We [Castaic Lake] almost had the world record for the largest time. It has three out of the top five fish in the world.” said John.

The second largest Largemouth Bass was caught in Castaic Lake, in March 1991 (22.01 lbs) , by Bob Crupi. Most recently in September 7,2006, the largest Channel Catfish was caught in Castaic Lake (43.01 lbs) by Robert Flaata.

While, fishing for the first time at Castaic Lake, angler Nicole Smith said with a huge grin, “The water is really nice, perfect weather so far,and everybody is pretty friendly out here. It is kinda nice.”

Smith at age ten once caught an eight lb fish a world record for a young girl at that time.

The most important item to have before fishing is a fishing license and it can be obtained at Castaic Landing.

Castaic Lake will be open throughout the Summer.

So, why not head over to Santa Clarita’s own Castaic Lake for Summer  fun with family and friends.

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