Weitzeil headed to Olympic swim trials

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Saugus High School freshman Abbey Weitzeil is an ordinary teenager with extraordinary talent in the pool.

The 15-year-old is headed to the Olympic Trials June 25 in Omaha, Neb. after qualifying in two events.

Unusual as it may sound, making the USA Olympic team has not always been one of Weitzeil’s dreams.

Did we mention, she has only been swimming competitively for three years?

Her sister also swam in high school and inspired Weitzeil to start swimming. She began swimming recreationally when she was nine years old. She practices about six days a week for about four hours a day.

Weitzeil has excelled in every level that she has swam in. She currently swims for the Canyons Aquatics Club under Coach Jeff Conwell.

Weitzeil stated that Jeff’s technique really works for her and that since she has excelled at her swimming she wants more.

“She would not be as good as she is, if it wasn’t the right combination of the natural talent and her work ethic. She works really hard,” Conwell said.

If Weitzeil is to qualify for London, she will have to finish in the two top of either event in Omaha.

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