Spotlight: Karlen English

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Karlen English may not be a teacher at College of the Canyons but his role is an important part of the MEA program.

Karlen works at the equipment cage and has been a part of the MEA program since before the recent remodel. Karlen was part of the team who helped build the new MEA department and after crawling through floors and ceilings for months during the remodel, he knows the ins and outs of the building more than he wants to know. Karlen began his job in the cage after landing an internship with the department and plans to continue his schooling at  Cal State Long Beach and complete a degree in Audio Engineering.

What Karlen does in his free time is also important to his community as he trains puppies to become guide dogs for the blind. His family has been running the Guide Dogs of America Foundation for 27 years. Karlen has been part of the foundation since his junior year of high school. The puppy raisers at the foundation start training the dogs when they reach about 8 weeks of age and they raise them for a year and half at which point the dogs go back to the foundation to continue their training before being paired with a blind person in need of  a guide dog.

Karlen is currently training a puppy and brings her to school every Monday and Wednesday while he works. His puppy loves to roam the halls and get the attention of students but Karlen does ask that if anyone wants to pet her that they ask permission so he may have her sit first. For more information on the foundation visit

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