Spring Fling

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The College of the Canyons Music Department featured Les Chanteuses, Chamber Singers, and Voices of the Canyons at the “Spring Fling” concert held at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center in Santa Clarita, Calif., on May 12, 2012.

The choirs performed classical, sacred, and popular music. The Chamber Singers even sang “A Clear Midnight” (poem by Walt Whitman) arranged and composed by their very own Kris Ornelas. The show conclude with all three choirs singing “Somewhere” from West Side Story.

Les Chanteuses is directed by Julie Lawson and accompanied by Yoko Mizuno. The choir consists of Emma Benetar, Liz Bunjac, Tres de Santiago, Megan Dinsmore, Danielle, Guevara, Sarah Johnson, Ally Kidd, Lauren Knopf, Sharyn Leonard, Sherrell Lewis, Karina Lund, Angela Peach, Adriana, Pelayo, Clare Pepe, Mindy Saylors, Chelsea Simmons, Jeanne, Stoyknovich, and Catlin Thomas.

Chamber Singers is directed by Lori Marie Rios and accompanied by Yoko Mizuno. The Choir consists of Aidan Munoz-Wendt, Ryan Arroyo, Dylan Matzano, Carlos Baca, Aaron Woodhouse, Sam Hyde, Aaron Hartman, Ben McConnaughy, Andrew Penaloza, Aaron White, Rafael Carballo, Andrew Heath, Justin Tillitt, Vincent de Dios, Jimmie Diaz, Steven Cortez, Kris Ornelas, Ally Kidd, Fantasia Fairchild, Cynthia Lapos, Liz Bunjac, Sharyn Leonard, Lauren Knopf, Tiffani Rudolph, Emma Bentar, Victoria Foreman, Susan Visokey, Natalie Mendoza, Chelsea Simons, Angela Janney, Megan Dinsmore, Catlin Thomas, Valerie Rainey, Debbilyn Day, and Lily Abram.

Voices of the Canyons is directed by Lori Marie Rios and accompanied by Yoko Mizuno. The Choir consists of Monica Bower, Hubert Chan, Sandra Chicas, Christina Criona, Dimitri Criona, Mila Danko-Chen, Collin Duffy, Suzanne Duncombe, David Fresquez, Margie Fresquez, Brian Friend, Julie Glenn, Rory  Glenn, Diane Gregg, Diane Gross, Judith Grossbier, Suzy Grove, Dottie Healy, Ronda Herrington, Mitch Krayton, Leigh Langtree, Roy Lutes, David McGee, Kristina Michella, Rachelle Nierhoff, Susan Northway, Debi Oberlander, Gayle Old-Smith, Kris Ornelas, Diane Ozasky, Roger Popelar, Dianne Porter, Carol Ring, Ed Rogers, Shoshi Rosen, Jennifer Schelling, Nicholas Schutz, Diane Semple-Cameron, Sarah Shephard, Beverly Silver, Gloria Smith, Kimberly Stevens, Diane Storey, Janet Strauss, Sue Sutton, Michael Talignani, Jillann Tarara, Allyson Thurston, Gundy Tollefson, Leo Tyrrell, Giacomo Vergara, Jani Viereck, Jen Watkins, Yvonne Younger.

(Photos by: Jhanine Nicole Sanchez)


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