Spotlight: Max Keller

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Max Keller, 24, is a lot like your average 20-something. He goes to the movies, hangs out with friends at the local bar, and even goes to Disneyland every now and then. However, the COC Alumni has accomplished a lot in a few short years.

Now a professor at COC, Keller teaches a film studies course analyzing the many facets of various films. When asked about why he chose this specific path Keller responded, “I really thought it was interesting. I always had this kind of wealth of knowledge and I’d like to get that out there.”

He found his passion for cinematic study while attending “Friday Nights in the Screening room” ran by Cinema Department head Gary Peterson. “I thought there’s something here. This isn’t something I can see myself doing one Friday night a semester, this is something I can see myself doing full time”

Some of Keller’s favorite films include Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 crime classic “Pulp Fiction” and Woody Allen’s Oscar winning “Annie Hall. Regarding what makes a film a classic he states, “I didn’t realize cinema could be more than just entertainment. There’s movie and there’s film and this was a film … I can go back and rewatch it and I learn something new every time I watch it. I recognize something new from the production or the way it’s edited.”

In addition to teaching at COC, he’s also working on getting his Masters at Chapman University in Film and Television and interns at IMAX. His ultimate goal however; to work at Warner Brothers studios hoping to secure an internship at the studio’s Domestic Theatrical Distribution department.

Max Keller’s drive and passion for what he does shows in his work and his film studies classes are some of the most enlightening at COC. “Keep pursuing your dream. Figure out what you want to do and don’t let up.”

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