Spotlight: Lee Hilliard

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Lee Hilliard is the Department Chair for the Computer Networking and Electronics Program of College of the Canyons. Hilliard began his tenure as a COC employee in the spring of 2003. With a background of Aerospace it was almost a “natural path” to begin a career in computer networking.

Hilliard said, “computing really took off” after IBM introduced the PC in 1983. Hilliard says Microsoft programs made computing a lot easier because operating systems before were operated by command lines and not by graphical interface.

Hilliard prepares his students to work as technicians in the field of computer networking. Hilliard said, “the [corporate] business today is dependent on being networked and the people [computer networkers] who can keep them operational will be in great demand.”

Hilliard said students leaving the computer networking program will leave the skills to better adjust to the computer networking field because technology is consistently adjusting the technicians should be able to as well.

According to Hilliard, the expansion of the internet has been a major reason for the growth of computer technology.

“I can’t imagine anyone really going through the day anymore not accessing e-mail, the internet doing research, looking something up on Google.”

A new addition to computer networking are cell phones and they can access the internet, text, and of course make phone calls.

Hilliard proclaimed, “the different levels of communication [computer technology] are being merged in to a signal device, a single platform.”

The future of computer networking looks positive for years to come. Most businesses use computers and businesses need people to keep the computers operational.

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