Spotlight: Larry Hurst

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Larry Hurst is the director of the Art Gallery at the College of the Canyons.

Hurst came in as an independent contractor to help build the building. The previous art director was ready for retirement, with Larry having an art background as he does in painting, the torch was immediately passed down to him.

As Art Director, Hurst has many responsibilities. Some of those are planning every exhibition for every season on campus. It can get quite difficult as he has to contact many new fresh artist long in advance to book great pieces of work to go up in the College of the Canyons Art Gallery.

In his creatively messy office, one of his awesome pieces is up for display stating “In case of emergency – break glass” with a bag of “ideas” inside the case.

The doors may be often locked but nobody is ever turned away. Feel free to stop by any time! In fact, its encouraged! Larry or his assistant Virginia Arnold will let you right in to see all the exciting works of art they have to offer.

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