Spotlight: Jeff Conwell

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Jeff Conwell was born and raised in Sacramento, and has been a swimmer since he was seven.

Conwell is a newlywed and has been the head coach of the swim team at College of the Canyons for seven years. A

Along with coaching at COC, Conwell is also the head coach of Canyons Aquatic Club, a local club swim team, where he has led the program for 14 years.

Conwell was a swimmer when he was younger. He started swimming through parks and recreation when he was seven. Then  Conwell started swimming year round when he turned 10,  and continued his swimming career when he attended CSUN. This is when he became a swim coach.

Being a swim coach for two teams keeps Conwell busy. He coaches the club team  before school, at 5:15 a.m. and at  7:00 a.m., the  COC swimmers are the pool for another two hours.

Conwell’s break comes only during the middle of the day because his coaching duties resume at 2pm and end around dinner time.

“As a swimmer I was very competitive, and as a coach I’m the same way. I don’t like to lose.” Conwell said.

Although everyone has those off days, Conwell really enjoys coaching swimming.

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