Spotlight: Jean Miller

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Jean Miller is not only a knowledgeable and experienced worker in the field of broadcasting, but she is the pinnacle of determination itself. Jean grew up almost all of her life knowing what she wanted to do and pursued it with the utmost passion.

Jean surprised me with her energy and drive towards the teaching of her students, but after getting to know her, it was no surprise why she had so much passion. Progress and succession of goals is they key to her teaching methods and the students in her class proved that with their progression and sudden confidence.

Although she creates a very professional persona towards her students in class, she continues to be positive, humorous, and keep the best mind set for his students outside of the class. Her job is to teach the students on how to present themselves and use their voice and body to utilize in a future career. Her goal is to teach people how to break out of their shell and utilize their attributes to become better people, which is why she separates herself from every other mentor on the COC campus. Jean Miller is the definition of drive and greater future.

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