Spotlight: Daniel Glickman

by David Perez, Staff Writer 921 views0

College of the Canyons Ballroom and Social Dance Instructor Daniel Glickman tells Cougar News  how dance has helped him express himself and keeps his body as well as his mind active.

He says when he first started, in his 20’s, he found an ability to express himself in ways never before.

He wished he hadn’t waited so long. “Dance allows you to be social in a safe and friendly environment and you get fitness benefits from being active while having fun!”

Originally from San Francisco Daniel received both his BA and MA from San Francisco State University.

Daniel has also studied Dance from several renowned dancers and master teachers from around the world. “I like all dance forms but Flamenco is definitely my favorite which is why I had to study from Spanish master teachers.”

Daniel does say that social dancing is difficult because “You have to be able to communicate with your partner on the dance floor without using words…” but, when asked if anyone can take a dance class, his answer was “YES! If I can do it YOU can do it!”

Daniel Glickman has been teaching dance for over eight  years and currently teaches at both L.A. City College and College of the Canyons.


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