Small businesses challenged by bigger chain stores

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There are some small businesses in Santa Clarita that not many people know about because of the bigger chain stores. These stores include businesses like Guido’s Pizza, Lassen’s Whole Food Grocery’s, Bouquet Auto Parts, Bouquet Tile, Nani’s Tacos, and Saugus Drugs.

“The impact of large chain stores compared to small local business’s on the local economy is really large because the tax dollars that are generated leave the community rather than staying in the community,” Owen Powell, owner of Bouquet Auto Parts, said.

Customers at small businesses enjoy shopping there because they feel like they can create a relationship with the employees.

“Personally I like going to locally owned small businesses because the customer service is a little more personable than the large chain stores,”  Ryan Peart said.

Owen Powell also says “large stores have an advertising budget in the multi millions and it gets the idea across that its always cheaper to go to those large stores, when in reality it usually isn’t because they spend so much money on that advertising.”

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