Rythm & Blues

by Richard Fadera, Staff Photographer 719 views0

The Chancellors Cabaret Series of College of the Canyons (COC) presented “Rhythm & Blues: An Afternoon of Vocal Jazz” which was held at the University Center of COC in Santa Clarita Calif on May 6, 2012.

The event featured COC’s House Blend and Just Jazz lead by Julie Lawson with Emily Cohn on piano, Emilio Terranova on bass and Sean Fitzpatrick on drums. The two groups, House Blend and Just Jazz, performed several pieces like “It Could Happen To You”, “How Deep Is The Ocean”, and “How Sweet It Is” just to name a few. The event was organized to raise fund and support the future events of the vocal jazz choir.

Just Jazz won 2 awards from the 2011 Monterey Next Gen Festival Invitational taking home 2nd place and took 3rd place this year. Just Jazz will be performing with the COC Jazz Band on May 11, 2012 at the Performing Arts Center located in Santa Clarita Calif.

Just Jazz consists of Megan Dinsmore, Natalie Mendoza, Rosie Rivadeneria and Nicole Sanchez as sopranos; Ally Kidd, Molli Rohland and Krista Thayer as Altos; Ben Cardenas, Danny Jaramillo and Kris Ornelas as tenors; Andrew Heath, Steven Mojica and Justin Tillit as basses.

While House Blend consists of Sharyn Leonard, Natalie Mendoza, Molli Rohland and Caitlin Thomas as Sopranos; Liz Bunjac, Julia Haimowitz, Ally Kidd and Elite Rothstein as altos; Rafael Carballo, Jamal Corrie, Taylor Stewart, and Favian Rodriguez as tenors; Cristan Cardenas, Micah, Lively, Ruben Rivas and Justin Tillit as basses.

(Photos by: Richard Fadera)

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