Opinion: Keeping COC clean is up to students

by Eric Saylor, Staff Writer 551 views0

Budget cuts seem to be a constant theme here at College of the Canyons. When budget cuts come to mind, most students think about the hit they will take in their pocket books. One area that may be overlooked in these unsure times is the cleanliness of the campus.

The overall look of the school is truly remarkable, even during these tough times, however there are some areas that need some extra care. One reoccurring issue is cigarette butts, which can be remedied by smoking in the designated smoking areas or simply cleaning up after oneself.

“With what used to take two days, now may take up to two weeks.” This statement from the schools Public Information Officer Bruce Battle, just goes to show one of the issues facing the school. He went on to say, that the school recently lost four custodial positions and will not be replacing those staff members.

Not withstanding, the budget shouldn’t have to play such a giant role in the way campus looks. The students can be just as effective when it comes to keeping their school clean.

Keeping pride in one’s school is beneficial not only for the students, but also for the many people that visit the school everyday. As students, take a moment and look around you and ask what can I do to help keep my campus clean.

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