Nicholas Ma aims to be rap star

by Chad Olson, Staff Writer 624 views0

I had a chance to sit down with up and coming rapper, Nicholas Ma, or also known as R3tro. Ma, a student at College of The Canyons who is also trying to make it as an emcee, he says that his godmother was definitely one of his most important influences.

“She taught me a lot about music and showed me so many different music artists. Since she had experience in the industry I always took her word a little more than I would with others. She was a second mother to me when I was growing up and that made her presence in my life that more meaningful, and when she passed it made the pain all the more awful – in a way I’m kind of carrying on her spirit thru music.”

When I asked Ma why he loves making music, his face lit up in excitement. “I like making music because that’s the only time I really feel like I’m doing something worth my time. I hate sitting down for any other reason except writing a track, or making a beat, or mixing my songs.”

Ma’s short term music goal is to release a critically acclaimed album in the next year or two all while releasing free mix tapes. He eventually hopes to start a record label with a really close team of artists who are just as great at what they do. “Me and a group of some friends started a team called Team We.G.O. (We Get Ours) Swagg, but I want the label to be called Stonehenge Records.”

The thing that separates Nicholas Ma “R3tro” from other rapper’s is he isn’t just about making money and the fame, he wants to go into motivational speaking on a national and global level. “A lot of artists’ voices have big impacts on the people but most of them don’t use it to their advantage.” Ma is looking forward to a great future in the music industry; he has already preformed some shows.

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