Lisa See and her journey as a writer

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Lisa See came to College of the Canyons to speak about her journey to becoming an author and a book signing after.

Lisa started the seminar talking about her past living with her mother and grandfather. Her mother was an author for pornographic novels and when her grandfather read one he decided he could write a better one. So that’s what he did, within a week he had written his first pornographic novel. Lisa said he learned one valid thing about writing, “Always write what you know.”

After high school Lisa traveled Europe and took off time from college for two years. At this point in her life she didn’t want to be a writer, she didn’t want to live in the States, she didn’t want to have kids, and didn’t want to get married. While living in Greece it had downed on her, “Oh I could be a writer.” She went back to the States and within the first 48 hours of being back she had two magazine assignments.

Lisa talks about how every book that she writes is about a relationship, best friends for life or sisters are some examples of the relationships she uses. Her latest book, “Dreams of Joy is about a relationship between a mother and her daughter. Lisa spoke about her four aphorisms; one being “The dead can claim the living,” the second “Suffering will overcome attachments by giving out,” third “Mothers suffer children do what they want,” and the last “There is soft happiness and sadness and deep happiness and sadness.”

Lisa goes out and researches the places that he books take place. She has spent a lot of time in China and little villages to make sure that every detail in her book is correct. “Dreams of Joy” takes place in a small 17th-century villa in China where she spent most of her time talking to people in the village to understand what happened there.

Research for the book goes on till the very end of the publishing process and Lisa says that she ends up taking out a lot in the books she writes because the book is written in such detail. Lisa uses the game Jenga as a metaphor for the way she writes her books.

After the discussion about her books everyone went outside where Lisa talked to people individually and signed books.

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