John Makevich

by Eric Saylor, Staff Writer 528 views0

As Director of Distance Learning, John Makevich is a charismatic leader here at College of the Canyons. He has been working at the school for nearly five years and has a deep love for the roles he plays here on campus. His main role is the Director of Distance Learning where he strives to better the PAL and PACE programs.

Another part of the Distance Learning program are the online Hybrid classes which allow students to do most of the work online and spend very little time in class. Distance & Accelerated Learning classes offer students many ways to help them save time in their studies.

Along with his work in Distance Learning, Makevich is also an adjunct teacher here at the college. He teaches Meteorology every Thursday night for three hours and his students love this class. On occasion he is also known to teach a Geology class as well.

One of Johns hidden talents is that he is a master when it comes to using Blackboard and lectures about the subject for faculty members to help them keep up to date.

In his off time John spends time with his family and loves the outdoors.

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