Disney park experience will be taken to the ‘NextGen’

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NextGen is a proposed solution to control crowds and long lines at Disneyland. (Photo by Jessica Pineda)

For generations, visits to Disneyland or Walt Disney World have been a tradition in American families. Consequently, for generations, families have had to stand in long lines and frantically plan their vacations to the minutest details.

At an investors’ conference, Disney officials proposed a solution to the long-standing issue of standing in long lines: NextGen. This new system utilizes the internet to allow guests to book character meet-and-greets, make appointments for rides, check into Disney hotels, and more—before they leave home.

Already, Disney Park guests can make dining reservations for certain restaurants prior to their visit, but the NextGen initiative may allow them to order their meals beforehand, as well.

Disney also mentioned the idea of collecting guests’ information in order to create a more interactive and personalized experience. RFID chips are already used experimentally in Epcot at Walt Disney World. Radio-frequency Identification Microchips (RFID) embedded in wristbands can suggest attractions to see or even call guests by name. Such requests for personal information could spark privacy concerns.

These technological changes would change the way visitors experience the Disney Parks. The FastPass system could be rendered obsolete. Concerned park goers and Disney enthusiasts fear that the spontaneity of a trip to Disneyland will be forever lost. At the same time, NextGen would help regulate the crowds and chaos at the extremely popular attractions such as Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Indiana Jones’ Adventure.

NextGen is still in its planning and experimental stages. Whether the project will actually be permanently implemented within the Disney Parks remains to be seen, but small steps are expected to emerge within the couple of years.

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