David Stears

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VALENCIA, Calif. – College of the Canyons instructor David Stears has more to his life than just being one of the school’s theater program instructors. The eleven-year teacher believes that the program, along with theater itself, is “working together as a group” and that teaching it is part of that community.

Growing up, David found that he was “lost” and didn’t know what to do with his life. Then he started taking theater classes in high school and community college.

That changed everything. Stears had suddenly found a way to express himself and continued to develop his skill through college and beyond, resulting in being a teacher for many cities, programs, and schools throughout his twenty year career as a teacher.

When asked about the importance of teaching acting to students, he laughed and said that, “Acting tools are used in interpersonal relationships” and that every career uses skills found in an acting class. He also says that actors should regularly take acting classes just like when athletes go to the gym and practice.

Besides teaching, Stears has started and worked with others to make the Shakespeare festival in the Santa Clarita Valley and has even directed many plays.

Currently he is directing the New Works Festival, a series of plays made by new and upcoming playwrights (some of which attended COC) and will be performed May 3rd-5th at 8PM and on May 6th at 2 PM.

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