Cougars score in ‘The Zone’

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Cougar athletes continue to score while in the zone. However, they’re not even playing a game, nor are they practicing. On top of that, they are scoring without the use of any soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, softballs, nor baseballs. As a matter of fact, they’re not even wearing any part of their game-gear. So how are the Cougar athletes scoring while in the zone?

They are scoring in the classroom thanks to being in “The Zone.” Get that? “The Zone” is a tutoring lab that is specially dedicated to helping the athletes at College of the Canyons.

“The Zone” opened in the fall semester of 2008. “We help student athletes facilitate their academic needs by providing English tutoring, math tutoring, computer programs, printing, lending them library books for them (student athletes) to use for their courses,” said Lisa Helfrich, Lab supervisor at The Zone.

Cougar athletes are given priority registration, but they must dedicate three hours to The Zone in order to retain their priority registration.

“Whatever method suits their needs, whether it’d be studying, learning, using the books, as long as they spend three hours of their time with us, they’ll be able to keep their priority registration,” said Helfrich.

Many of the athletes who have used The Zone tutoring lab have found it to be very helpful when it comes to strengthening, and sharpening academic skills. For Cougars running back Joey Garba, his grades skyrocketed once he started attending The Zone, and gives the credit to the tutors of the program.

“The tutors here are well-trained and they know what they’re doing. Ever since I’ve been here, my grades have improved dramatically,” says Garba.

Mens soccer player Eduardo Medina, feels motivated to study in The Zone, even after a long practice because it’s a great place where he and his friends can get help on homework assignments.

“After practice, you kind of feel lazy but you have friends that come here. So you come here and study, get your work done,it helps out a lot,” says Medina. “It’s better than going home and being alone because you get frustrated (trying to study) and then you go to sleep and you don’t do anything.”

The Zone serves approximately 400 students per semester. In addition to its English and Math tutoring services, The Zone also has a lending-library which currently has over 475 textbooks for the students to use.

The Zone is under the supervision of Lisa Helfrich and is operated in connection with the Tutoring-Learning- Computing lab (TLC Lab).

For information on The Zone, go to

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