Cougar Club serves up a victory in the money game

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In a time where Southern California Colleges are cutting many sports teams due to financial strains being placed on their programs, College of the Canyons has found ways to help support it’s teams.

So you may wonder, whether its money to buy a scoreboard, or to buy uniforms and to keep the facilities up to date, where is all this money coming from? One answer is the Cougar Club; a financial athletic support group that involves former Cougar athletes, individuals, and corporate donors.

“The Cougar Club originally started in 1998 when the athletic programs expanded here at COC,” co-founder Len Mohney said. “We’ve done a lot of improvements with the facilities and every once-in-awhile we’ll help people (the athletes and teams) whenever they’re a little short (on money) when it comes to uniforms and equipment.”

The Cougar Club would not be possible if it weren’t for the donors who continually support the club, as well as the fundraising events it hosts annually.

“Our biggest fundraiser is our ‘Big Win dinner’ which we host every spring,” Mohney said. The Cougar Club also helps raise money by selling advertising  signs on display at Cougar Stadium.

The financial donations have helped many areas in the athletic program.

In the Cougar Cage, COC was was able to replace the scorekeeper’s table and chairs. The school was also able to keep the softball facility up-to-date. In Cougar Stadium, the Cougar Club was able to buy new hurdles for the track and field teams.

The Cougar Club is also fundraising money to help build the Cougar Athletic Hall of Fame, which will be located in the West Physical Education building/Main Gym. Construction for the new Athletic Hall of Fame is scheduled to start in June.

For more information on the foundation and Cougar Club, you can access the foundation’s website at and click on ‘Foundation.”

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