Obama reelection tops COC panel discussion

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President Obama’s chances of re-election in November headlined a panel discussion by the political science department  at College of the Canyons on Wednesday.

Though each professor was unsure as to how exactly they felt, most said they felt Obama might still be in the lead. Professor Phil Gussin said that he has “evolved” on his feelings in this election. Whereas at one point he thought that Romney’s religion played a huge part in how this election would turn out, he is less certain about that now.

Gussin still believes that Obama holds a strong lead in the head to head race so far.

Among other  topics of discussion, came the question of how Presidential candidate Mitt Romney might fare in this election.

Most of the panel agreed that Romney’s campaign would succeed better with pointing out the negatives in Obama’s administration rather than pointing out his own positives. The panel feels that Romney’s charisma is not very exciting some even calling it “boring” and therefore, believe that he needs to use what they call his “strengths” by pointing out every possible negative in Obama’s administration.

The question was raised about who might be the best candidate for Vice President to accompany Romney. Again, the panel suggested maybe bringing in someone “boring” to make Romney possibly more exciting.

Professor David Andrus led the discussion with what he called “Breaking News”, President Barack Obama’s announcement that he supports gay marriage. He asked the panel how they felt this might affect the upcoming presidential elections.

Though some on the panel believe that this might positively affect the campaign, others believe that this may not have much affect on it at all. Some even stated that the economy is what will really win or lose votes for each candidate since it is the biggest issue at hand.

Though this was possibly the last panel discussion for the spring semester, Professor Gussin said he is trying to pull together another discussion to inform students about the other propositions that will show up on the ballot.

“It is really troubling that there is a lack of involvement in political affairs, public affairs, and voting,”Professor David Andrus said.

Both professors Andrus and Gussin are in favor of creating more of these events to help keep students informed, aware, and intelligent about what’s going  in politics.

“If the students arranged something where they went ahead and got together and said that they wanted to have someone to come and talk about what was on the ballot and explain things, that would be perfect,” Gussin said.

To learn more about political science events at College of the Canyons, or if you have questions about political events visit the college website at: www.canyons.edu and visit the political science page to contact an instructor.

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