Brandon Chandler’s Story Reaches the Big Screen

by Kristian McAdams, Staff Writer 593 views0

Former COC student Brandon Chandler remains in the hearts of many. Now, one year after his passing, Chandler’s story is beginning to take life.

Three to Six Months, the story of a man’s ability to find joy throughout trial and tribulations, recently held a premiere on the COC campus.

This private showing brought together some of Chandler’s closest friends and family for a night of remembrance.

Three to Six Months seems to be trailing a road filled with benefits, as close friend and Director Brandon Morris explained about the creation of a foundation that would fulfill Chandler’s love for those struggling in life.

“We didn’t want to make any money off of this film for our company,” said Morris.”Lets create a foundation that people can donate too, and the funds will go and continue on Chandler’s testimony of what he loved to do through ministering to the jails and helping those families that were going through cancer just like he did.”

The Brandon Chandler foundation is a “two-fold goal,” said producer Scott McLean.

The program works to help give inmates a second chance, meanwhile teaching these individuals what it is to be loved.

“Chandler was always somebody that was willing to be friendly and caring; he would go out of his way for anyone,” said McLean. “When the program started, this became its foundation.”

While Three to Six Months continues to do more than just tell a story, those closest to Chandler watch in amazement.

As Chandler’s mother Nola Chandler shared, “Wow I think the Lord is really going to take this somewhere.”

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