A neighborhood watchman reacts to Trayvon Martin shooting, Part 2

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The sign reads: We report all suspicious persons and activities to our law enforcement agency.

And it means just that.

Carlos Gutierrez, a neighborhood watchman in Newhall, has three things that the police in the Santa Clarita area tell every neighborhood watch group to live by.

“The sheriff department tells us to Observe, Report and Call 911 immediately when you see something that is not right,” Gutierrez said. “Our job is to keep the neighborhood informed.”

This is done with an email list and neighbors working together. “We have a group of homeowners that we network with online and through an email list,” Gutierrez said.

“We tell them what is going on in the neighborhood.”

The group spreads local news and information around the neighborhood. Gutierrez’s slogan is “The OOI Watchdog”

It was born in September 2008 to provide monthly updates for the neighboring homes in his neighborhood.

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