Santa Clarita comes to its ‘Senses’

by Cheyenne Phillips, Staff Writer 292 views0

Senses is a very popular event the streets of Newhall are transformed into a festive block party.

It is a monthly gathtering where you can come to dance, try delicious food, and shop at the wonderful boutiques right there on Main Street.

The event is all about having a good time, and enjoying the fun and games with your friends and family.

Each event carries a different theme every month. The most recent theme was a tribute to St. Patrick’s Day. It was an incredible event, where folks had the chance to meet the world’s tallest leprechaun, drink green beer,and listen to Irish folk music.

Senses will return on April 19th with a wild west theme, so get ready to get dressed up in your cowboy boots, and throw on those cowboy hats.

There will be a mechanical bull, line dancing, music, and delicious food!

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