Ruby Herrera finds inspiration in family

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Motivation is the underlying factor that drives us all. In one way or another we use motivation to strive for the better.

Ruby Herrera’s motivation is her brother – the brother she almost lost.

Ruby and her brother were at a friend’s party and when they left to go home they were approached by a group of guys looking for trouble. Ruby and her brother ignored the rowdy group but to no avail. Ruby’s brother was jumped and stabbed five times. He was immediately rushed to the hospital.

While at the hospital Ruby’s brother lay motionless with no heartbeat for approximately five minutes. Everyone, including the doctors, thought that he had passed away. Then what happened next no one expected. “Somehow he woke up,” Ruby Herrera said. “I don’t know how, it was one of those things that they say it was a miracle.”

The emotional toll of thinking that her brother had just passed away, only to resurrect right before her eyes definitely scarred Herrera.
“Because I was there when this whole incident happened and I watched him … I had issues and I couldn’t really focus and my head wasn’t right, I had problems for two months after that,” Herrera said.

Seeing no other option, Herrera walked away from the sport that she loved. She informed her coaches and teammates of the unfortunate situation that she was in. Herrera understood what was most important to her. “I just needed to be with my family, especially my brother.”

Herrera took time off from college and softball in order to support her brother through his fight to a normal and healthy life again. However, once Ruby found out that her brother was going to make a full recovery, she returned to the sport that she loved with a new motivation – her brother.

“Before it was my father … now my extra push is my brother because he is the one that wanted me to comeback out and play,” Herrera said.

Herrera is currently leading the conference in batting average, hits, and doubles. However, Ruby is more than just a pure hitter she also plays superb defense. Her fielding percentage is currently over .900 making her a force both offensively and defensively, she is an all-around athlete.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect about Herrera is that she makes everything about the team, not about her. Without the support and camaraderie of the entire team, winning would be an after-thought

It is going to take a group effort to accomplish their goals.

This undoubtedly has been accomplished; the Cougars are currently ranked first in the conference with a 29-2-1 record. Ruby summed it up as the team just wants it more than anyone else. This type of aggression and will to succeed can only come from a team that believes in each other and can look to a player like Ruby Herrera and feed off her.

When I asked what the team goal was this year Herrera responded, “They just want it all.”

Herrera wants it more than anyone else because she not only is playing for her team but also her brother – the single most important motivation in her life.

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