ROP honors outstanding students

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On Wednesday night, the Regional Occupational Program hosted its 31st annual Outstanding Student Awards.The Regional Occupational Program is a hands on learning experience for students to gain potential career opportunities in the workplace.

ROP is offered to William S. Hart District students who are over the age of sixteen years old. There are many career choices offered that students can choose from. Each student attends classes to gain more knowledge about the career and gets some training as well.

The ROP outstanding student awards started out with a variety of skits that were created by the arts and entertainment ROP students. These students picked out the theme of baseball and incorporated what they learned from their ROP classes into the skit. Some of the skits included the famous Vaudville comedy routine “Who’s on first?” by Abbott and Costello. The students also sung Take me out to the Ball Game where they made up their own lyrics and sung about ROP.

Although many students participate in this program, only ninety students are considered for the outstanding student awards. Out of those ninety students, only eighteen receive awards. The students were divided up into six categories based on which ROP they were in and were awarded gold, silver, or bronze. Valencia High School student Michael Fernicola received the Outstanding ROP Student of the Year award.

Director of curriculum and assessment David LeBarron oversees the ROP program. He states that the goal of the awards ceremony was to honor and reward the students for all their hard work that they put into the classes.

Saugus High School student Eric Reinhardt received the bronze medal for the public services category. Reinhardt was in the fire academy ROP and learned a variety of different skills about becoming a firefighter such as life skills, leadership skills, responsibility, motivation, throwing hoses, and fire science.

“The class definitely made me know I want to become a firefighter as a career for the rest of my life. I was already thinking about it and then after I took this class it was a for sure 100% thing that I wanted to become a firefighter.”Reinhardt said.

The Regional Occupational Program is a great opportunity for students to not only learn about potential careers, but to gain connections that they could use in their future to geta job.

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