Election Update: Provisional ballot count in progress

by Austin Dave, Staff Writer 25 views0


A provisional and vote-by-mail ballot count is in progress at the City of Santa Clarita City Council Chambers. This is a step the City Clerk’s office will take to complete its canvass.

Ballots that were submitted on Election Day will be verified using a ballot counter.

The City Clerk’s office will complete the process by hand-tallying one precinct, a step required by law.

25,882 ballots were counted on Election Day — 7,045 went to incumbent Bob Kellar, 5,733 votes went to challenger TimBen Boydston, 5,135 votes went to incumbent Laurie Ender, rounding out the top three.

The two candidates with the highest number of votes will be sworn in during the next city council meeting on Tuesday, Apr. 24.

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