Kellar, Boydston elected; Ender voted out

by Austin Dave, Staff Writer 713 views0

In a tight race, Santa Clarita City Council candidates Bob Kellar and TimBen Boydston have secured enough votes to claim the two open council seats.

Kellar lead early Tuesday night while Laurie Ender and Boydston alternated second and third place throughout most of the night.

Ender, who is ending her four-year term on the council, is the only sitting Mayor in Santa Clarita’s 24-year history to be defeated.

The election certification will be agendized for the April 24 city council meeting.

The city clerk’s office sent copies of its 216 provisional ballots to the Los Angeles County Registrar to verify signatures from provisional and information related to voter registration.

The next step in the process to finalize results from Tuesday’s election is to verify 575 signatures from absentee ballots.

Boydston and Kellar will be sworn in during the next scheduled Santa Clarita City Council meeting, and will serve four-year terms.


Final Results:

BOB KELLAR 27.22% (7,045)
TIM BEN BOYDSTON 22.11% (5,723)
LAURIE ENDER 19.84% (5,135)
ED COLLEY 16.37% (4,237)
JON HATAMI 14.46% (3,742)

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