Gussin delivers final lecture at UCLA

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COC’s Political Science Instructor Phil Gussin was awarded UCLA’s “My Last Lecture” award Wednesday, April 25, 2012.

This award has been given to several UCLA professor’s in the past beginning with a professor who was actually giving his last lecture at COC after being diagnosed with cancer.

The lecture’s theme is based on what one would tell his or her audience if they had, but one lecture left to give, the last thing they could say on earth.

After receiving full-time tenure at College of the Canyons, Gussin was leaving his position at UCLA. His students voted him into giving the “My Last Lecture” speech.

UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall was filled with students, some fellow faculty members, as well as some of Gussin’s family to hear his final lecture at UCLA.

COC Chancellor Dianne Van Hook was also in attendance and was pleased with what she heard and that she has such an instructor like Phil Gussin at her college.

Also Political Science instructor Mahjid Mosleh was proud that he had sat in one of his classes to evaluate him towards the beginning of his Canyons career.

Gussin began his lecture the way he says he begins most class lectures, with lecture goals.

Gussin told his audience that by the end of his lecture everyone should know a little more about his life and how he wound up being able to give this final lecture.

Gussin’s life story began when he first started learning Political Science and then on to when he became a plumber.

He put a little emphasis on what he called “brick walls” when UCLA rejected him for attendance and he went and did to the highest of his ability to make it into the institution for his masters.

Gussin finished his speech with a plea to universities like UCLA to hire full-time professors that can teach and love their students, not just the ones that may be good at research.

To learn more about COC Instuctor Phil Gussin ‘s life watch his upcoming spotlight at

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