Expertly crafted ATM card skimmers appear in the San Fernando Valley

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Front view of the new ATM skimmer to appear in the San Fernando Valley.

Simple devices able to record and store your credit card information, known as ATM card skimmers, have made their debut in the San Fernando Valley.

Skimmers are not a new device to banks and police. Like a mask, they work by simply resting on top of the card reader portition, allowing the ATM to function properly without interference. Experts report a number of new skimmers could currently be in use on ATMs throughout the San Fernando Valley.

Kerbs on Security, reports these new series of skimmers are near perfection. The only defect? A small hole on the right side houses a small pinhole camera to record your PIN while the scanner records the card’s data stored on its magnetic strip.

Skimmers are placed with the intention of stealing your checking account information. These newer set of skimmers range from storing the data until its creator retrieves it manually or wirelessly via text, wifi or email.

Experts urge ATM users to keep a wary eye out while using ATMs. Aside from covering the pad while entering your PIN, always lookout for the following things:

•  confirm all ATMs look the same
•  hidden cameras
•  extra seems that seem out-of-place
•  odd protrusions
•  and discoloration.

Back view showing parts used to run the ATM skimmer to appear in the San Fernando Valley.
Side view displaying the tiny camera pinhole of the ATM skimmer to appear in the San Fernando Valley.

With recent reports of numerous Santa Clarita residents falling victim to identity fraud, the fear of storing life savings in bank accounts concerns bank users. According to authorities, you should never try to remove the device if you discover a skimmer. Contact the police and monitor the skimmer until authorities arrive. [Kerbs on Security via Gizmodo]

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