Emergency Expo educates SCV on safety preparedness

by Kristian McAdams, Staff Writer 606 views0

This weekend, the Valencia Hyatt hosted their annual Emergency Expo from 9:00 a.m.to 5:00 p.m.

The event educated participants on the preventative measures that must be taken in case of an emergency.

“It is really one way that we can encourage the whole community to come out at one time and learn how they can be prepared individually in the event of an emergency,” explained Major Laurie Ender. “We are a little isolated in the Santa Clarita Valley, so we have got to make sure we are all prepared together.”

Safety officials from all over the Santa Clarita Valley volunteered their time toward the cause of the event.

Accompanied by a squat car, two fire trucks, and a number of informative booths, representatives from a variety of organizations demonstrated the measures taken during a major disaster.

Firefighters went as far as to re-create a car crash. Using tools such as the Jaws of Life, Skill Saws and an axe, the men went to work disassembling a car as though it were a real life situation.

Throughout the day, these safety experts also volunteered their time toward answering questions regarding safety preparedness.

According to California Highway Patrol Officer John Lutz, “Generalized safety messages are the best questions that we genrally answer.” He explained that because of the lack of knowledge regarding Child Passenger Safety Laws, the SCV Police Department offers free events to assist locals in making sure their cars are following the proper safety regulations. “We actually have the availability to put on classes for youth as far as safety and their driving habits.”

Animals played a major role in the event as well. From horses to canine companions, officials explained how animals were a major tool when disasters resulted in high-stake search and rescue situations.

One canine best illustrated the role of a rescue dog and his or her purpose during the event.

“Hunter is trained to detect live human sent. He was in haiti and in Japan, where he withstood freezing temperatures, and found four live people buried under the rubble in haiti,” explained Handler Captain Bill Monahan. “his mission in life is to find the living.”

Ender explained that as a result of past disasters, the Emergency Expo has acquired new knowledge to relay to the community. “I think that we have gotten better as the years have gone on.”

Overall, the event stressed the importance of communicating, staying updated, and remaining prepared for the possibility of future emergencies.



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