Coachella Fashion

by Kelsey Krosskove, Staff Writer 707 views0

The Coachella heat wave has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave behind the festive fashion.  This year Coachella was flourishing with splashes of floral and animal prints, bohemian dresses, cropped tops, high shorts, flowing rompers, and lace vests. These seventies inspired fashion choices with modern twists can be worn well into the heated days of summer. Channel your inner flower child by adding these fashionable elements to your outfits that will create a blend of a retro glam meets desert chic.


..::High Waist Shorts::..

Perfect for hot summer days, high waist shorts will keep you cool and the hipster edge will leave you looking even cooler.  Denim or fabric, prints or solids, these shorts will add retro flare to your attire.



..::Billowy Skirt::..

A high waist skirt with shear fabric cascading down the back creates a whimsical and romantic look that will add a feminine twist to your outfit.  Wear it casually or glam it up for the transition to night.

 ..::Crop Top::..

Cropped tops paired with high waist bottoms was a popular trend at Coachella this year.  The balance of the high shorts or skirts with a short top is temperature-friendly without revealing too much skin.



..::Flower POWer::..

Top your outfit off with a floral headband or feather headdress to give your look a dreamy flower-child effect.  You can create your own headband by assembling an array of colored flowers or feathers and attaching them to a ribbon. Tie around the crown of your head and voilà you will look as if you just stepped out of the seventies!


..::Festival Make Up::..

Being at a music festival it is only appropriate that festive face paint was seen on the faces of Coachella concertgoers, but festival paint can still be worn in moderation during the summer months.


..::Over-the-shoulder Bag::..

Over-the-shoulder slouchy bags with a touch of fringe are a trendy accessory to go with your outfit and are perfect for hauling all your stuff in.


..::Retro Shades::..

Your seventies revival look will not be complete without a pair of vintage inspired sunglasses during the sunny days of summer.

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