Strength and conditioning program is a “dos” of good medicine

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The Cougars spend several hours training, on the football, baseball, softball fields, and in the gym. But Cougar fans may happen to forget those same athletes spend several hours training in the strength and conditioning room under coach Robert Dos Remedios.

Dos Remedios started  the program in 1998, when the Cougar football team was reinstated.

In 1999, the strength and conditioning program expanded to all of the sports, becoming a full-time program.

A 1989 college graduate and former college athlete, Dos Remedios immediately started getting involved in coaching. His career as a strength and conditioning coach began with the football program. He also served as the head football coach at John Burroughs High School in Burbank.

The majority of the Cougar athletic teams are involved in this program year-round, but the football sqaud trains the most.

The team can be seen in the conditioning room 4 days a week throughout the year.

Coach Dos Remedios sets out similar workout programs for all of the teams. “We do the Olympic Lifts, squats all of that stuff”, said Dos Remedios.

In 2006, The National Strength and Conditioning Association awarded Dos Remedios the strength and conditioning coach of the year award. Several Athletes who have participated in the strength and conditioning program have received the N.S.C.A. strength and conditioning athletes of the year awards.

For more information on Coach Robert Dos Remedios, you can visit his website at

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