The Expansive Vision of Hans Burkhardt

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College of the Canyons art gallery has been showcasing “The Expansive Vision of Hans Burkhardt” since January 24 and will continue showcasing Burkhardt’s work until March 1st.

The school’s art gallery holds what are called “exhibitions” often to showcase different artists.

Larry Hurst the gallery director said that the gallery has produced 108 exhibitions over the span of 15 years.

“The Expansive Vision of Hans Burkhardt” displays works dated back from the 1930s through the 1980s.

“All of the work is Hans, he had a lot of antiwar paintings.” Hurst Said.

The next show that the gallery will hold will feature six of the studio faculty members.

Hurst believes this is a good way for students to see that professors know what they’re talking about when they teach.

“It’s putting your money where your mouth is.

“You don’t have to like what you see, but you might like the next.” Hurst said.

As far as buying the art that is displayed, Hurst said that the school’s art gallery is nonprofit; however, he will direct the potential buyer directly to the artist.

“If a student is selling art, we will then step in and help them.” Hurst said.

Students may wonder how they can get their own art into the school’s gallery.

Hurst said that although they currently don’t have a way for students to get their work into the gallery he has a vision of making a student gallery for students to display their work.

“COC Chancellor Dianne Van Hook supports this idea.” Hurst said.

Hurst says that they are currently developing an online “art gallery check out system” where students can display their art soon.

As of right now the art gallery is booked thru Fall 2013 for upcoming exhibitions.

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