Sweet Curry Undon noodles fundraiser

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We all remember the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan last year. Though it happened a year ago, the effects of those natural disasters still effect millions today.

The death toll from earth’s fury is up to fifteen thousand dead, three thousand missing, and over 100 thousand citizens living in temporary housing.

Here at College of the Canyons in the International Students Program a student put together a fundraiser on Tuesday to help those in need in Japan.

Yusuke Ohashi, a COC student from Japan, thought of and organized the Udon Fundraiser where he and his classmates sold bowls of Undonnoodles for $2.50, Curry flavor Undonnoodles for $3.00 and one hard boiled egg for $.50.

Ohashi was able to get JFC International Inc. to sponsor enough Undonnoodles for the event. All proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity Japan.

Ohashi is thinking about doing a yearly fundraiser to mark the time when the natural disasters devastated Japan.

Ohashi could not have done this on his own though. He had help from Naomi Taniguchi, the program specialist for the International students program here at COC, who is also from Japan.

Ohashi was very proud that people came out to support and donate to what he called a great cause.

“I show gratitude to America for all their help,” Ohashi said.

He hopes that whatever money is raised and donated, helps those in need in Japan.

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